• A photo of Antony Bursey
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    Antony Bursey

    Partner and Senior Building Services Engineer

    Antony Bursey is a Senior Partner at Method with over 20 years of experience in developing integrated low-energy and sustainability strategies for buildings and developments and in the application of renewable energy.

    Antony particularly enjoys working with architects and designers in closely integrating engineering services with the building fabric and in producing innovative and creative solutions to difficult engineering problems.

  • A Photo of Gordon Macmillan
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    Gordon Macmillan

    Partner and Senior Building Services Engineer

    Gordon Macmillan has over 20 years of experience in engineering and design. He is a Chartered Building Services Engineer and specialises in low-energy sustainable building design, conservation of historic buildings and renewable energy. Gordon is also a Certified Passivhaus Consultant.

    Gordon is highly effective at engaging with architects and project teams to ensure that early involvement, an intelligent approach to design and close attention to detail ensure a well-coordinated and successful outcome with delighted clients.

  • Photo of Nick Sendall
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    Nick Sendall

    Partner and Senior Building Services Engineer

    Nick Sendall is a senior engineer and is chartered with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. He is the Partner in charge of our Liskeard office in Cornwall.

    Nick has worked on a wide variety of projects including leisure, higher education, performing arts building and high technology research laboratories.  He has worked on both traditional projects and also on design and build projects and so knows how to drive best value into them whilst maintaining high standards.

    Nick specialises in designing low energy buildings by understanding building energy demands and how to minimise them through efficient building design such as designing intelligently controlled passive and natural ventilation systems and also the integration of renewable energy technologies.  He also has a firm knowledge of the technologies and the available government subsidy schemes.

  • A photo of Gerard Thacker
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    Gerard Thacker

    Partner and Senior Building Services Engineer

    Gerard is an engineer and partner in the Method team. He has a wide experience of all aspects of M&E building services design and has worked as the primary project engineer on buildings across a variety of sectors and scales. As a CIBSE certified Low Carbon Consultant and Low Carbon Energy Assessor, he produces Part L carbon emissions models and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in addition to providing guidance on building orientation, façade design, daylighting and other aspects of building physics. As a qualified BREEAM Offices & Other Buildings assessor, he is also able to provide advice and assessment services and to apply practical experience in designing building services to achieve key BREEAM credits. Gerard is also a Certified Passivhaus Designer.

  • Photo of Natasha Fox
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    Natasha Fox

    Partner and Sustainability Consultant

    Natasha Fox is an experienced Sustainability Specialist responsible for leading projects through both the planning stages and through the life of the project. Natasha is a Senior BREEAM/CSH Assessor, BREEAM AP, MEI, PIEMA and is responsible for Method’s ISO 14001 certification. Having worked on a wide variety of projects including education, large scale leisure schemes, heritage, commercial and domestic buildings, Natasha advises on the importance of embedding sustainability and BREEAM into building design as a matter of course. Natasha is currently undertaking a part-time MSc in Sustainable Building Performance & Design, with focus on low carbon design and building physics.

  • A photo of Georgie James
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    Georgie James

    Partner and Sustainability Consultant

    Georgie James is particularly interested in conservation of historic buildings, and with over seven years’ experience working in the sustainability field, Georgie James has also completed an MSc in Sustainable Architecture at the Centre of Alternative Technology, which has both complemented and informed her working practice. With a focus on working with design teams to support and assess the achievement of specific BREEAM/Code for Sustainable Homes targets, Georgie is a Senior BREEAM Assessor, a BREEAM Accredited Professional and PIEMA.

  • A photograph of Matt Smith of Method Consulting
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    Matt Smith

    Senior Associate Engineer

    Matt Smith is a chartered building services engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry. He has a proven track record of successfully delivering the design of both large and small scale building projects, against challenging cost and programme constraints, to the satisfaction of clients. Matt’s experience is wide ranging across a number of market sectors and geographic regions with particular strength in the design of residential buildings, commercial offices and retail-led developments.

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    Paul Mulquiney

    Building Services Engineer

    Paul Mulquiney is a Building Services Engineer with over 15 years’ experience in the provision of building services for virtually all building types, including Education, Residential, Healthcare, Defence and Commercial developments. He has worked on all sizes of project, from small scale fit-outs to large development projects up to £250m and all stages from conceptual design through to commissioning on site.  He has specialised in Mechanical Services Design and Project Management of building services in large healthcare developments. Paul is particularly adept at identifying the requirements of Clients and Architects and taking a whole-of-project approach to provide workable solutions which are practical, cost-effective and optimise the space available to the project.

  • A photo of Barry Peebles
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    Barry Peebles

    Building Services Engineer

    Barry Peebles is a Building Services Engineer with a degree in architectural engineering. He is currently working on a variety of projects including performance arts centres, offices and schools where he is undertaking the building services design, renewable energy feasibility studies and dynamic thermal modelling.

  • photo of Stephen Todd
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    Stephen Todd

    Building Services Engineer

    Stephen Todd is a Building Services Engineer with a passion for using passive and low energy design strategies to reduce energy usage within a building whilst also improving thermal conditions for the occupants.  Stephen has an MSc Degree in Designing Sustainable Buildings and a PhD in Designing Naturally Ventilated Buildings.  He is also level 3, 4 and 5 accredited in Building Simulation Software IES and is an LCEA assessor.  Stephen works on a variety of projects including residential, education, healthcare and leisure sectors.

  • A photo of Sergey Stepanov
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    Sergey Stepanov

    Building Services Engineer

    Sergey is a Building Services Engineer with a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is further developing skills in mechanical and electrical engineering and thermal modelling. He works on a variety of projects including the educational, residential, leisure, healthcare and office sectors.

    Sergey specialises in developing sustainable and low energy solutions for buildings by looking into reducing their energy demand and designing efficient M&E systems.

  • A photograph of Tom Walkley
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    Tom Walkley

    Building Services Engineer

    Tom Walkley is a Building Services Engineer with a degree in Physics who works in Method’s engineering team. His activities are currently focussed on redevelopment projects, and he has a keen interest in implementing leading sustainable technology to reduce a building’s impact on the environment and to ensure comfort for its occupants.

  • A photograph of Eleanor Hoey
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    Eleanor Hoey

    Building Services Engineer

    Eleanor Hoey is a Building Services Engineer at Method with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brunel University. She is further developing her skills in Mechanical and Electrical engineering, having a particular passion for low-energy and zero carbon designs. She is currently working towards her chartership with the IMechE.

  • A photograph od Lewis Jones
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    Lewis Jones

    Building Services Engineer

    Lewis Jones is a Building Services Engineer with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is further developing his skills in Mechanical and Electrical engineering with a particular passion for sustainably driven design. He is currently working towards his chartership with the IMechE.

  • A photo of Dan Stretton
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    Dan Stretton

    Building Services Engineer

    Dan Stretton is a Building Services Engineer at Method with a degree in Architectural Technology and the Environment. Dan specialises in designing M&E services for historic buildings and has worked on projects in a variety of sectors including residential, education, leisure and commercial. Dan enjoys communicating and co-ordinating designs with the project team and is keen to provide achievable sustainable solutions for each project he is involved with. He is currently working towards chartership with the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and is a BRE-accredited BIM member.

  • A photograph of Dan Tilley
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    Dan Tilley

    Building Services Engineer

    Dan Tilley is a Building Services Engineer with a BEng in Aerospace Engineering. He is currently working on projects within the commercial and residential sectors, including work on a major twenty-two story residential development. Dan is particularly interested in sustainability and sustainable building design.

  • A photo of Jenny Thompson
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    Jenny Thompson

    Building Services Engineer

    Jenny Thompson is a Building Services Engineer with a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with German. She is further developing her skills in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering on current projects at Method. She has a particular interest in capitalising on the benefits of low energy technologies in building projects. Jenny is currently working on a large residential development project at Method. She also has previous experience in technical translation and sustainability research.

  • A photo of Bonnie Yang
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    Bonnie Yang

    Building Services Engineer

    Bonnie Yang is a Building Services Engineer with a Masters degree in Civil and Architectural Engineering from the University of Bath. She is particularly interested in the design of building services, especially in the area of sustainability. Bonnie is also a Certified PassivHaus Consultant.

  • A photograph of Tom Kelly
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    Tom Kelly

    Building Physics Engineer

    Tom Kelly is a Building Physics Engineer with a BSc in Physics from the University of Exeter.

    Tom’s passion is using his understanding of building physics to help reduce carbon emissions, whilst maintaining the functionality and aesthetics of buildings.

    Tom is currently working on a range of projects, using IES building simulation software to help optimise building performance.

  • A photo of Mark Harland
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    Mark Harland

    Building Physics Engineer

    Mark Harland is a Building Physics Engineer with an MEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nottingham. He uses IES building simulation software to optimise the performance of buildings across a wide range of sectors. Mark is particularly interested in renewable energy and building design and is currently working towards his chartership with IMechE.

  • A photo of Deepika Nambiar
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    Deepika Nambiar

    Building Physics Engineer

    Deepika Nambiar is a Building Physics Engineer with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and an MSc in Architectural Engineering: Environmental Design. She is also a Certified PassivHaus Designer. Deepika is interested in designing and providing environmentally sustainable solutions to existing and new buildings, while also focussing on aesthetics and function.

  • Photo of Charlotte Whitlock
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    Charlotte Whitlock

    Sustainability Consultant

    Charlotte is a Sustainability Consultant with a Master’s degree in Environmental Science. Charlotte is a BREEAM Accredited Professional and an experienced BREEAM assessor, with involvement on a range of projects in the education, healthcare, industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Charlotte is involved with LCA materials modelling and is also qualified to carry out SAP calculations and produce EPCs for new build or refurbished domestic buildings as an On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor. Charlotte is a Practitioner member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (PIEMA).

  • A photo of Emily Newell
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    Emily Newell

    Sustainability Consultant

    Emily Newell is a Sustainability Consultant, a Practitioner member of IEMA, and specialist BREEAM assessor and AP, with a Master’s Degree in Geography and five years’ experience working in the sustainability field. Emily is experienced in providing sustainability advice and assessment throughout the whole life cycle of a project, including strategic renewable energy and sustainability advice as part of the planning process, as well as BREEAM assessment services at design and post-construction stages. She has experience across a wide range of projects including schools, residential developments, leisure facilities and commercial units and is involved in energy and LCA modelling with intelligent advice, using SBEM and eTool.

  • A photo of Ross MacGregor
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    Ross MacGregor

    Sustainability Consultant

    Ross MacGregor is a Sustainability Consultant with a BSc Honours degree in Physical Geography. He works alongside the Sustainability team to provide BREEAM advice and assessments. Ross has a particular interest in the integration of renewable energy systems into buildings.

  • A photo of Beth Turner
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    Beth Turner

    Sustainability Consultant

    Beth Turner is a Sustainability Consultant at Method Consulting with a BSc Honours degree in Geography. She is part of the Sustainability team and contributes to providing BREEAM advice and assessment services. Beth has a prominent interest in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) and the ways in which they aim to reduce the impact of developments with regards to pollution and flooding in urban areas.

  • A photograph of Chris Brown
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    Chris Brown

    Sustainability Consultant

    Chris Brown is a Sustainability Consultant at Method Consulting with a BSc Honours degree in Earth and Environmental Science. He is a member of the Sustainability team and works in supplying BREEAM advice and assessment services.
    Chris is interested in integrating renewable energy technologies and efficiency measures in the built environment. His dissertation reviewed and recommended improvements for domestic smart energy monitors.
  • a photo of Tom Gerrish
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    Tom Gerrish

    Partner and BIM Information, CAD & Modelling Manager

    Tom Gerrish is our BIM Information, CAD & Modelling Manager, with experience in building services and working with the team to co-ordinate and design many low energy and low carbon buildings. Tom is a highly proficient draughtsman in the use of CAD, and also has training in the use of Building Information Management software (BIM). Tom has a detailed knowledge of IES Virtual Environment to create Dynamic Thermal Energy models for buildings to provide thermal comfort analysis, daylighting analysis and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). Tom is a BRE-accredited BIM member.

  • A photograph of Alex Mason
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    Alex Mason

    BIM Engineer

    Alex Mason is a Building Services Engineer and an experienced BIM Manager. He has a thorough understanding of the commercial impact and importance of a well-managed technical support team, implementing BIM to suit project needs. Alex inputs valuable direction to the design team, ensuring all members fully understand the requirements and how to deliver a successful BIM project. Alex has been involved with developing successful BIM projects from its outset, his experience helping clients understand the benefits they can realise, and how to achieve them, through the adoption of BIM. Alex has a BSc in Construction Management and is experienced in working on multi-disciplinary projects delivering coordinated Building Services designs. Alex works on a variety of projects including Residential, Education, Commercial, Public buildings and Leisure sectors.

  • A photograph of Thomas Willis
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    Thomas Willis

    BIM Technician

    Thomas Willis is a BIM Technician at Method. He gained a BSc in Mathematics at Nottingham Trent University and is studying for a Master’s in BIM in Design, Construction and Operations. He is interested in using BIM to maximise the efficiency of Method projects. Tom is producing CAD and BIM models for the engineering team at Method.

  • A photograph of Ruben Vivancos
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    Ruben Vivancos

    BIM Technician

    Ruben Vivancos is a BIM Technician at Method. He produces CAD drawings, planning, and 3D modelling of Building Services. He has an MSc(Res) in Project Management, a BSc in Architectural Technology and a BEng(Hons) in Building Engineering. He specialises in energy efficiency calculations and BIM (Building Information Modelling) for MEP Building Services and architecture. He is also continuing his studies in BSc Architecture.

  • A photograph of James Stark
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    James Stark

    BIM Technician

    James Stark is a BIM Technician at Method and has over 15 years’ experience in building services, both within an office and on site. He has worked as a building services design engineer, largely in retail projects, and is currently studying for a BA/BSc (Honours) Design and Innovation with the Open University. James is a highly experienced draughtsman in CAD and has very relevant BIM experience.

  • a photo of Glen Bateman
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    Glen Bateman

    CAD Technician

    Glen Bateman is one of Method’s CAD Technicians and works closely with the team to co-ordinate and help with the design of many low-energy and low-carbon buildings. His primary role is to produce CAD drawings for the team though he also gets involved in computer building modelling, computer model analysis and assists the team with building services and sustainability work.

  • A photo of Ben Prescott
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    Ben Prescott

    CAD Technician

    Ben Prescott is a CAD Technician at Method who works closely with the team to assist and help with the design of low energy and low carbon buildings. His primary role is to produce CAD drawings for the team.

  • A photo of Eddie Jorden
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    Eddie Jorden

    Business Developer

    Eddie Jorden is an Engineer and business developer helping to secure new work for the practice. 25 years’ experience has taught him to listen to clients’ and project teams’ needs, reflect, and then give appropriate advice. He also knows when to bring in other people’s skills and talent to help give solutions.

    With wide experience, predominantly in commercial projects, he brings a new dimension to the business. His business skills will help give the practice strengthen and become one of the premium brand MEP businesses in the South of England. You may well see Eddie at numerous networking events so don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and see if he can help you.



  • A photo of Lisa Kendall
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    Lisa Kendall

    Partner and Office Manager

    Lisa Kendall is our Office Manager and provides day-to-day support for all of the team. She has more than 15 years’ experience and focuses on marketing, business systems and general office management. Lisa also successfully implemented and maintains our ISO 9001 accreditation.  She has worked with Antony Bursey for over 13 years and is an integral part of our team.

  • A photograph of Sam Winter
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    Sam Winter

    Office Assistant

    Sam Winter is our office assistant and provides support to all members of our team. She has experience in team working, day-to-day administration and client interaction.  Sam works closely with our office manager and is an integral member of our team.

  • A photo of Paul Norris
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    Paul Norris

    Bids, Graphic Design & Marketing

    Paul Norris is Method’s in-house graphic designer, copywriter and is responsible for the design and preparation of the company’s publicity materials, including its literature and website. He also writes and designs many of Method’s bids. Paul also helps with Method’s marketing, including media relations and social media. He has a BSc in Economics from the University of London.

    Paul was self-employed in advertising and design for over 25 years and was previously a Marketing Manager in the ophthalmic optics industry. He has also worked in New Product Development in the food ingredients industry.

    Paul is also an experienced photographer and has been responsible for Radio Times and TV Times cover photographs with Aardman Animations’ Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run.

  • A photo of Halimah Ahmed
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    Halimah Ahmed

    Business Development and Marketing Coordinator

    Halimah Ahmed is Method Consulting’s Business Development and Marketing Co-ordinator and has a BA Honours degree in English Literature from The University of Warwick. She is responsible for preparing and managing content for marketing documents, as well as being responsible for social media channels, designing marketing material and research and intelligence gathering. Halimah also helps to manage the production of high quality bid submissions, including bid strategy, bid writing and document analysis.

    Halimah has experience in Public Relations and also in business to business and charity marketing.