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  • Intelligent engineering, sustainable buildings.

    Reducing the environmental impact of buildings has been at the
    heart of our company since we were established in 2011

Intelligent engineering, sustainable buildings.

About Method

Method Consulting is a specialist engineering and sustainability consultancy focusing on building services and sustainability in the built environment – our common goal is to reduce the environmental impact of buildings through better design, analysis and assessment.

Our Approach

Our approach to building design is open and collaborative – we analyse problems, evaluate options and provide our clients with unbiased and incisive advice to allow them to make informed decisions and get the best possible outcomes. Intelligent thinking means considering the fine details as well as the broad concepts and our collaborative approach means we work closely with clients, architects and designers to solve problems.

Our Business

Since our business began, we have grown organically, opened new offices and expanded our business to cover a whole range of specialist services.

Intelligent, imaginative M&E engineering services and sustainability are still at our core but we now have a much wider spread of in-house specialist expertise to draw upon. Everything we do has a very strong focus on sustainability with sustainability and low-carbon design embedded into the design of all our projects.

Common to all our team is a detailed understanding of the fundamentals of building engineering, energy and sustainability, as well as experience and a pragmatic approach to ensure we provide the best possible service for our clients.