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University of Bath Environmental Careers Evening

On Thursday the 12th March, Kimberley Mason had the pleasure of being invited along to give a presentation at the University of Bath’s environmental society careers evening.

Kimberley talked about her journey through her studies, how she came to focus her careers on sustainable building design and briefly gave an overview of Method and the services we provide.

The students were keen to hear about what Kimberley does on a day to day basis so she also spoke in more detail about what she does as a building physics engineer, from daylight analyses to thermal comfort compliance, through to low energy/zero carbon building design, focusing on the importance of designing a building that benefits not only the environment but also the occupants. She then finished off the presentation by explaining how this is relevant for the future and how Building Physics Engineering is essential in meeting stringent energy performance standards.

We are always keen to support these kinds of events so if you are involved in running anything similar please do get in touch! A big thank you to the University of Bath for inviting us along to this. Other speakers included those from the University of Bath, Green Planet Ventures, Hewitt Studios and the Center for Sustainable Energy.