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Sustainability Services: RESET Air


We have a great deal of experience of helping our clients become certified by RESET Air, the organisation that provides the international standard for clean, healthy indoor air.

As people become more and more aware of environmental issues, which have been highlighted by Covid, they want the reassurance that the buildings in which they live and work meet the highest indoor air quality standards.

RESET Air provides them with this reassurance.

RESET certification

RESET is a certification standard for indoor air quality that integrates performance-based data with cloud technology to make real-time environmental health data accessible to occupants of indoor spaces.

University of Falmouth | Architect: PBWC | BREEAM: Excellent

Central Square | Architect: DLA Design | BREEAM: Outstanding

New or existing buildings

RESET is available in three forms of certification, which can be applied to new or existing buildings. There are five main parts to the certification.

To achieve the initial certification, consistent data must be measured and reported to RESET for a minimum of three consecutive months without exceeding the defined limits. To maintain the RESET Air certification the building must then be re-certified on an annual basis. As well as supporting WELL and Fitwel credits RESET:

  • Allows continuous monitoring and reporting of real-time indoor air quality data, which can then be accessed by building occupants
  • Gives landlords and companies the means by which they can demonstrate that the quality of air provided to their buildings is aligned with best practice – information important to both potential tenants and employees alike

The five modular RESET standards that we take into account when working on air quality. They can be implemented together or separately, depending on the project’s needs.

We breathe in over 10,000 litres of air every day

We’ll make sure that the air people breathe inside your buildings meets the highest international standards

Talk to us about how we can help you gain RESET Air certification