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Sustainability Services: Energy Statements


Most local planning authorities require an energy and sustainability statement to be submitted with planning applications.

Bridge Yard Clifton Suspension Bridge | Architect: Alec French Architects

We can produce a suitable appraisal report that provides all the information required. It will highlight all of the sustainability initiatives within the proposed design as well as providing practical advice on how to meet Local Authority targets. This may involve completion of a regional checklist (or similar), which can form part of the sustainability statement or appraisal.

We address all aspects of energy and sustainability to help reduce the overall impact of buildings on the environment. We have considerable experience of writing sustainability strategies at organisational level or as part of outline or planning submission. This service is different for every project and we ensure the scope reflects the level of detail required.

Projects in London must comply with the London Plan and we have plenty of experience of preparing London Plan compliant strategies and reports.

We can help you with:

  • Energy statements for planning (residential, commercial and mixed use)
  • London Plan compliance
  • Sustainability statements for planning
  • Renewable energy feasibility
  • Detailed sustainability appraisals for planning
  • Strategic masterplanning advice
  • SAP and SBEM
  • BREEAM Communities
  • BREEAM Infrastructure
  • BREEAM pre-assessments for planning (new construction, refurbishment or fit out)
  • Sustainability checklists
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation
  • SKA assessment for refurbishments
  • Passivhaus