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Embodied Carbon

Measuring and analysing embodied carbon of building projects to achieve project targets and strive for net zero

Considering the carbon associated with the whole lifecycle of construction products and materials is vital in working towards net zero carbon in the industry. As operational energy reduces, embodied carbon becomes more and more important to consider from a whole life carbon perspective.

We enjoy collaborating with design teams and facilitating options appraisals to meet targets as efficiently as possible.

Bicester Eco Centre | Architect: Architype | Photographer: Jack Hobhouse

Bicester Eco Centre | Architect: Architype | Photographer: Jack Hobhouse

Embodied carbon

LCA analysis is required under BREEAM 2018 and the New London Plan requirements set out by the GLA, as well as whole life carbon analysis for initiatives such as LETI and the UKGBC zero carbon framework. We use One Click LCA to carry out LCA modelling, which is a BREEAM and GLA compliant lifecycle assessment tool.

Integration of LCA analysis into the design process is becoming increasingly important in the industry and early engagement is key. We are trained and experienced in providing this materials analysis and can offer it as an addition to our BREEAM or planning services or as a standalone service.