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Sustainability Services: BIM


There at two parts to that process – engaging with those responsible for executing BIM and having a clear understanding of the client’s goals and vision. Method Consulting has a great depth of experience in defining and executing BIM successfully.
Kings Drive Care Home, Eastbourne

Why Use BIM?

  • BIM enables the client to review and understand their facility digitally even before it is constructed
  • The process engages the design team in a genuinely collaborative approach. Designing out risk and producing a truly sustainable solution facility
  • Step by step process, defining the level of information against each aspect of the design and by when
  • Confidence through the design team and stakeholders in the design
  • Reduced on-site issues through the coordination of different disciplines leading in turn to reduced on-site costs
  • Cost-effective, removing costly onsite issues by digitally constructing the facility first. The process also reduces the risk contractors are exposed to through a clear representation of the facility
  • Facilities Management can be assisted through the use of COBie and Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM). Turning the non-graphical information into key information to run the facility cost effectively after completion

Standards Adhered to:

We work from an in-house set of standards for the production of graphical and non-graphical information. This is based on the AEC (UK) Protocol and Addendum for Revit. The basis on which BIM projects are delivered falls in line with that set out in BSRIA BG/6.

In conjunction with this we also work to, where stipulated in BIM Execution Plans:

  • BS 1192-2007 + A2:2016
  • PAS 1192-2:2013
  • PAS 1192-3:2014
  • BS 1192-4:2014
  • PAS 1192-5:2015
  • PAS 1192-6:2018
  • UniClass 2015 – COBie
  • CIC BIM Protocol

We also have experience working with SKA, BSRIA Soft Landings and the RIBA digital plan of works.

Experience in executing BIM

We have successfully executed BIM on many projects. Our experience is not limited to new-build opportunities but also extends to existing listed buildings. We have an expert and dedicated BIM delivery team.

We have a Pre-Contract BEP that will be issued defining how we will execute BIM on your project. This will feed into the Post Contract BEP.

Our involvement in using BIM includes engagement from Stage 2 through to Stage 4B. The types of projects we have been involved with means we have been exposed and worked to the defined process and standards as defined by the UK Government. We also have experience working for private clients who have even greater demands on BIM and how they want to get the best out of it.

This is from simple 3D-coordinated designs, adhering to the most basic of BIM Executions plans, founded off of the client’s desire to reduce onsite issues and costs. It goes through to executing COBie data drops to meet ESFA requirements for future CAFM use.