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McDonald’s Restaurants

  • Client:
    McDonald’s Restaurants
  • Architect:
    Scurr Architects
  • Accreditation:
    BREEAM Very Good
  • Value:

Our sustainability team is working on several new projects across London and the South East on behalf of McDonald’s Restaurants, as BREEAM advisors and assessors.

Our role varies from acting as an advisor for McDonald’s where there is a wider assessment being carried out by a developer, to providing full BREEAM assessment services directly with the McDonald’s team.

Our advice has led to sustainability improvements in the design of the modular units whilst understanding the commercial and economic viability of various measures. The modular buildings perform well under the materials section, with the majority of elements comprising A or A+ rated materials in the Green Guide to Specification.

Energy is metered extensively, water consumption is minimised through the use of waterless urinals and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) are included where possible to reduce the surface water run-off rates into local watercourses.