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East Sussex Business Malls

  • Client:
    Sea Change Sussex
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Sea Change Sussex is an organisation created to stimulate the local economy by creating new places of employment and enterprise.

We worked with AHR to design two £5m office buildings in Eastbourne and Bexhill. They are designed to provide serviced office space for small to medium-sized businesses.

The M&E design has taken a modular approach where each 60m² office space is self-contained and serviced separately. We used computer modelling to develop the design to ensure that the deep plan office spaces can be naturally ventilated with openable windows and vertical wind chimneys at the rear of each space.

Together with the night purging strategy, we have demonstrated that thermal conditions within the spaces can be maintained within BCO guidelines. Natural daylighting has been optimised with the backlighting of the offices via the atrium and this, together with lighting controls and daylight-linked dimming helps to minimise electricity use.