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Our responsibility as individuals 

We all have a responsibility as individuals to support the global effort to tackle and adapt to climate change.

The average carbon footprint per person in the UK is around 10 tonnes and in order to limit global warming we all need to try and reduce our individual carbon footprint to just 2 tonnes a year.

Collectively by making changes as an individual we can have a massive impact in helping reduce global emissions. 

First Steps

  • Calculate your carbon footprint

  • Really commit to reducing your carbon footprint and stick with it!

Things you might want to consider (in easy to implement order)

  • Fabric up-grade (insulation up-grade, loft, windows, cavity wall, floor)

  • Install log burner

  • Buy an electric car

  • Heat pump (ASHP or GSHP)

  • Biomass

  • Solar hot water to generate hot water
  • Responsible reproduction
  • Install LED lighting
  • Fly less
  • Consider a balanced healthy diet, for example with less beef, lamb and dairy
  • Elimate food waste as far as possible
  • Use the car less
  • Cycle more and use public transport
  • Install photovoltaics to generate electricity