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North Quay House Outperforms Industry Targets on Lifecycle Carbon

A project that we have been involved with from the early stages, this is a real achievement for all the project team!

End of Year Update and Christmas Wishes

As the year draws to an end we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to say a big thank you to all of our clients and colleagues for a great year. Some of you we have worked with for many years, and some we have been more recently introduced to.


It’s been a huge year for us and we have seen a real increase in clients engaging in net zero carbon. We are doing more and more full embodied carbon analysis and operational energy analysis (where we look at unregulated energy as well as regulated energy) to better predict the carbon within our projects. We are also working hard to understand the embodied carbon of MEP systems; our multi-discipline business meaning our MEP engineers, BIM specialists and LCA modellers can get their heads together easily.

Although the team has been really busy we have enjoyed being able to give some seminars this year around various sustainability topics. Despite all being online, the best part is always the discussion afterwards! We look forward to being able to offer more of these in 2022 as well as working on some more exciting and ambitious projects with a zero carbon focus.

Lastly, much of this would not be possible without our team. So a big thank you to everyone at Method who we do hope you have enjoyed working with.


We are really pleased to share the news that Matt Smith and Alex Mason have been promoted to Partners at Method Consulting starting 1st April 2021.


Matt looks after the Bristol office and has built a strong network of clients and fellow professionals, maintaining great relationships and growing a talented team there.  Alex Mason leads BIM at Method across all offices, and has been responsible for our BIM Level 2 accreditation, and we are extremely proud of our reputation in the industry as one of the leading building services consultancies for BIM capability.

Both Alex and Matt have been valued members of Method since they joined, and are instrumental to the plans for continued expansion of Bristol, working on sustainable and low energy projects and working towards net zero carbon in the industry.

Commenting on the promotion Alex says, “I’m elated to be joining the Partnership at Method. The founding Partners have created something very special, and I truly hope my ideas and knowledge can help this business continue to go from strength to strength. With Method celebrating their 10th Birthday I look forward to the future with such a talented and hardworking group I can only see more success in the years to come.”

Matt says, “I am delighted to have been invited to join the partnership this year. Having joined Method almost 4 years ago to help set up and develop a new office in Bristol, it has been great to see the office grow over that period, quickly outgrowing our first home in Old Market and moving to our current home in Queen Square. That growth continues this year with a number of new staff members due to join us over the coming months. As Method passes its 10th Birthday, I’m excited to be part of the team who will continue to lead us through the next 10 years, and the particular challenge our industry faces to drive towards net zero carbon.”

Both Alex and Matt are both looking forward to meeting up with colleagues once events resume, and in the meantime do feel free to get in touch for a zoom coffee and chat!

Christmas 2020

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and the very best for 2021

Supermarine football

Supermarine Youth Football Team Sponsorship

It is amazing what you can do with a couple of old shipping containers! After months of hard work, the tea hut/café at Supermarine Youth Football Club café, (sponsored by Method) has finally opened. Supermarine Youth FC is based just down the road from our Swindon office and it is always nice to be get involved with local community initiatives.

The café has been a long time in the planning and the team at Supermarine have put in a lot of hard work in order to get this to where it is, so it is nice to finally see this up and running. As well as sponsoring the café we are kit sponsors for the U14’s team. It will be a few weeks before the team are back in action again but the best of luck with the rest of the season! More information can be found on Supermarine Youth Football Team can be found here

Overton House, Cheltenham- Winner at the LABC West of England Building Excellence Awards !!!

September 2020

Great to see that Overton house one of the projects we have been working on with Fergusson Mann Architects & EG Carter has just won Best Small Commercial Project at the West of England LABC Building Excellence Awards. Well done to all of the team involved, Fergusson Mann Architects, ARK Consultancy Ltd, E G Carter & Co Ltd, Mildred Howells & Co, Momentum and Portus and Whitton.

Beirut Emergency Appeal

September 2020

Being able to show support to both our local community and those charities close to our hearts is something we believe deeply in and each year we adopt both a local and national charity to support for 12 months. In addition to charitable giving, we also volunteer our time to help with a number of activities. COVID has put a bit of a dampener on some of our plans this year but we are pleased to be in the position to be able to support the British Red Cross Beirut Emergency Appeal with a donation of £1,000, which we hope will go towards helping with the recovery and rebuilding of Beirut.

For more information and to support this appeal

Procure Partnerships Framework

We are delighted to announce that we have been appointed to the Procure Partnerships Framework (Professional Services) Agreement.

Established to support public sector bodies effectively procure supplier partners to help with their construction projects, the Procure Partnerships Framework Professional Services Agreement runs from 2020-2024 and is divided into regional-specific lots across 11 professional services disciplines. Method have been appointed for the South West (MEP design and Sustainability) and the South East (Sustainability).

We very much look forward to bringing our expertise to projects on this framework over the next four years. Further details on the framework can be found here.



Climate Based Daylight Modelling (CBDM)

July 2020

Good levels of natural daylight are important in the design of new buildings, and Method has been particularly successful in executing Climate Based Daylight Modelling (CBDM) analysis on our ESFA projects. Having invested in new software and a large amount of time, we have a process that works and achieves compliance with the determining target metrics.

Climate-based modelling delivers predictions of the natural light that will enter a building based on its location, building orientation and in addition the building’s composition and configuration.

With some benefits over Daylight Factors, (Daylight Factors are a point in time analysis, CBDM is a year round analysis), CBDM is designed to help reduce energy demand, and balance the amount of daylight received to optimise façade design, reduce glare, etc. CBDM is a more detailed analysis that provides more useful results.

In 2013 the UK Education Funding Agency (EFA) made climate-based daylight modelling a mandatory requirement for the evaluation of designs submitted for the Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP). New school designs that are submitted to the Priority School Building Programme now need to achieve certain minimum criteria for the spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA) and Useful Daylight Illuminance (UDI).

CBDM is also used to show compliance with the WELL building standard & BREEAM Hea01; the BCO guidance recommends it as well. The new legislation EN 17037, which is likely to replace BS 8206-2, allows for CBDM rather than Daylight Factor.

For more information please call 01793 822044.

International Women in Engineering Day

June 2020

To celebrate International Women in Engineering day we spoke with one of our M&E engineers, Eleanor Hoy to find out her journey into engineering.

Here is her story…..




From an early age, I was always building things, doing science experiments, problem-solving and I adored maths – I still absolutely love it! It was obvious I was going down a sciency mathsy route! My secondary school was a specialist science school so myself and many of my friends took all the sciences and maths for A-Level. Despite loving all this, it wasn’t applied and I knew something was missing. No one really mentioned engineering as an option and it was only when googling, “What to do with Maths & Physics at University” engineering came up. It sounded great, all the science and maths I love with a practical element!

From there I did a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Brunel University with a placement year. I loved learning about the theory, the maths and then actually applying to real-world problems – I find understanding the fundamentals means you can apply it easier, also the practical’s can be quite fun! During University I was exposed to a whole range of fields within the Engineering Bracket, it was interesting discussing different fields with a large range of engineers and being able to develop in different areas until I found an area that particularly interested me. As my degree progressed I leaned more towards sustainable engineering with both my dissertations being renewable energy-related. I was also on the board for the Women in STEM during my time at University we arranged CV workshops, professional talks, annual dinners, trips and most importantly school visits, trying to remove the engineering stereotype for children and let them know it’s out there!

The end of my degree was looming and I needed to enter the real world. Whilst I knew I wanted to stick to sustainable fields I still had no idea what was out there. While looking for graduate jobs I saw a sustainable building services engineer role, it got me curious. When reading into it I saw it was a whole range of engineering, multiple projects at one time, both office-based and site-based and meeting lots of people it sounded perfect. My current company Method Consulting’s job tag line was “We are looking for a bright, passionate, bubbly engineer” I thought hey! That’s me! Move forward 4 years and I am still here learning every day! I love my role because it’s half engineering and half people which I enjoy interacting with different engineers, architects and other members of a design team.

My main message I’d like to put forward is if you enjoy something just go for it, break the mould! Ask your self questions, How did they do that? Could we do this? Why is that like that? Can that be made better? Engineering isn’t just cars and bridges, don’t be put off by it. It’s all around us, everything we use and see an engineer has worked on. That could be you…




Clifton Village, Bristol

May 2020

We are really pleased to share with you, that we have been appointed to work with THAT Group for the building services design on an exciting project in Clifton Village, Bristol. The former WH Smith building which has been derelict since 2010 is to be developed into an office, shops and restaurants. More information on this project can be found here.

We are looking forward to getting stuck in! 

Bath University

University of Bath Environmental Careers Evening

March 2020

On Thursday the 12th March, Kimberley Mason had the pleasure of being invited along to give a presentation at the University of Bath’s environmental society careers evening.

Kimberley talked about her journey through her studies, how she came to focus her careers on sustainable building design and briefly gave an overview of Method and the services we provide.



The students were keen to hear about what Kimberley does on a day to day basis so she also spoke in more detail about what she does as a building physics engineer, from daylight analyses to thermal comfort compliance, through to low energy/zero carbon building design, focusing on the importance of designing a building that benefits not only the environment but also the occupants. She then finished off the presentation by explaining how this is relevant for the future and how Building Physics Engineering is essential in meeting stringent energy performance standards.

We are always keen to support these kinds of events so if you are involved in running anything similar please do get in touch! A big thank you to the University of Bath for inviting us along to this. Other speakers included those from the University of Bath, Green Planet Ventures, Hewitt Studios and the Center for Sustainable Energy.

UK Building Services Engineers Declare Climate & Biodiversity Emergency

We are really pleased to have joined the growing list of 76 companies who have joined the UK Building Services Engineers Declaration of a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency.

Supported by the Happold Foundation, the Building Services Engineers Declare urges the UK government to introduce measures to tackle the global “climate emergency” and unites the Building Services sector in working together in order to try and meet the needs of our society without breaching the earth’s ecological boundaries.

As building services engineers it is important to work alongside other engineers, consultants and architects to help reduce the impact of buildings on the environment and aim to combat climate change as a whole. We would urge all UK Building Services Engineers to sign up to the commitment.

Find out more here


University of Portsmouth Sports Centre

March 2020

One of the projects we are working with on with Wates, the new sports centre at Portsmouth University won an award at the BREEAM Awards earlier this month in the Public Sector Project: Design Stage category.

The new £55 million indoor sports facility at the centre of the campus will feature an eight-lane swimming pool; Sauna and steam rooms; eight court sports halls; Extensive gym with 175 fitness stations; as well as three multi-purpose studios. Currently still under construction the new facility is due to open in 2021.


Features include roof solar panels and internal heat recovery systems,  a biodiverse grassed roof with beehives and a system to reuse the waste pool water for toilet flushing.

Whilst we are not the assessors on this one, we are doing construction stage BREEAM AP with Wates for their onsite works.

A big congratulations to all of the team who were involved in this project.

Home quality mark

Home Quality Mark (HQM)

November 2019

Introduced in order to provide a national standard rating for new homes, the HQM is a 5-star rating system which provides information on a buildings design, construction and running costs and is suitable for all types of new homes and rentals.

An initial beta version of  The Home Quality Mark (HQM) was piloted in 2016 and has since been superseded by the current version of HQM, HQM One. This update was issued in response to feedback and now takes into account developments in Wales and Scotland. The key areas of difference to the beta version of the scheme include; an amended scoring / star rating system, a strengthening of the scheme’s quality baseline (in terms of design and construction quality) and the introduction of updated science to keep it in line with other BREEAM schemes.

Method are involved in a number of projects using both the beta and new HQM One versions, and our projects range from a small 5 dwelling apartment block, to a large-scale 400+ residential scheme in London. HQM, similarly to BREEAM 2018 requires a lot of action to be taken at RIBA Stage 2, and before planning, once those milestones are passed those credits cannot be achieved retrospectively.

Ensuring an HQM assessor is engaged early on and involving the whole project team in setting the sustainability brief, minimises the chance of those losses and helps bank all the easy wins. Like BREEAM, there are points for undertaking materials life cycle analysis (LCA), and our specialist team can carry out this modelling using eTool.

For more information please feel free to call one of our accredited professionals who will be happy to answer any questions or discuss likely fees for your project.

In the Spotlight Image

The Spotlight is on…

This week the spotlight is on….Kristopher Price

Find out who he would like to be for a day and his embarrassing moment at work!

Method Consulting presents.. Kristopher Price

BIM accreditation

We are proud to announce that our business has achieved BIM Level 2 Accreditation

October 2019

Method has achieved BIM Level 2 Accreditation with Lloyds Register. This accreditation will give our clients peace of mind that they are in safe hands.

The BIM Level 2 Accreditation itself represents an independent public statement of compliance with the ISO 19650 series of standards, ISO 44001, the collaborative business relationship standard, and the Lloyds Register BIM Accreditation Guidance document which introduces another level of risk management.

BIM with all of its acronyms and standards can be daunting especially when trying to identify if a consultant is capable of delivering hat is required.
Method already has an excellent track record of delivering projects through well managed BIM processes utilising the National BIM standards, although we are proud to share this achievement.