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International Women in Engineering Day

To celebrate International Women in Engineering day we spoke with one of our M&E engineers, Eleanor Hoy to find out her journey into engineering.

Here is her story…

From an early age, I was always building things, doing science experiments, problem-solving and I adored maths – I still absolutely love it! It was obvious I was going down a sciency mathsy route! My secondary school was a specialist science school so myself and many of my friends took all the sciences and maths for A-Level. Despite loving all this, it wasn’t applied and I knew something was missing. No one really mentioned engineering as an option and it was only when googling, “What to do with Maths & Physics at University” engineering came up. It sounded great, all the science and maths I love with a practical element!

From there I did a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Brunel University with a placement year. I loved learning about the theory, the maths and then actually applying to real-world problems – I find understanding the fundamentals means you can apply it easier, also the practical’s can be quite fun! During University I was exposed to a whole range of fields within the Engineering Bracket, it was interesting discussing different fields with a large range of engineers and being able to develop in different areas until I found an area that particularly interested me. As my degree progressed I leaned more towards sustainable engineering with both my dissertations being renewable energy-related. I was also on the board for the Women in STEM during my time at University we arranged CV workshops, professional talks, annual dinners, trips and most importantly school visits, trying to remove the engineering stereotype for children and let them know it’s out there!

The end of my degree was looming and I needed to enter the real world. Whilst I knew I wanted to stick to sustainable fields I still had no idea what was out there. While looking for graduate jobs I saw a sustainable building services engineer role, it got me curious. When reading into it I saw it was a whole range of engineering, multiple projects at one time, both office-based and site-based and meeting lots of people it sounded perfect. My current company Method Consulting’s job tag line was “We are looking for a bright, passionate, bubbly engineer” I thought hey! That’s me! Move forward 4 years and I am still here learning every day! I love my role because it’s half engineering and half people which I enjoy interacting with different engineers, architects and other members of a design team.

My main message I’d like to put forward is if you enjoy something just go for it, break the mould! Ask your self questions, How did they do that? Could we do this? Why is that like that? Can that be made better? Engineering isn’t just cars and bridges, don’t be put off by it. It’s all around us, everything we use and see an engineer has worked on. That could be you…