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Tom Lowther

Why did working at Method appeal to you?

After researching a few graduate schemes, many seemed quite impersonal. However, due to the smaller team at Method Consulting, I felt as though I would be well supported in going into a new role.

What happened at your interview?

I was interviewed by Natasha, the partner who leads the sustainability team. I was asked about how I would go about designing a building whilst considering different aspects of the environment. I was also able to ask any questions to get to know the company better.

Main responsibilities / Typical day

I primarily assist my colleagues with BREEAM, DREAM or Fitwel assessments, so this could involve assessing evidence or liaising with design team members.

Consultant, Energy & Sustainability

Cecilia Juett

What do you enjoy about my job?

I can work on a variety of different projects, which means I’m learning new things every day! Also, Method plans a lot of social events and these allow you to get to know other members of Method beyond the sustainability team.

Challenging aspects

I was given quite a lot of responsibility early on which was difficult at first, but this has really helped me to gain experience quickly in a variety of different tasks.

Skills/qualifications learnt at University that you use in your job?

The written and oral communication skills that I developed at university have been really important in my job, as we have to produce reports and engage in discussions with people from a range of disciplines.

Training you receive as part of your job

I was put on projects from the first day which meant that I could gain practical skills right away. I’ve been trained in aspects of BREEAM and have had the opportunity to work on DREAM and Fitwel assessments.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I hope to have gained more experience in sustainability assessments to be able to work on projects more confidently. I would also like to learn more about embodied carbon.

Your piece of advice to anyone thinking of going into sustainability

You don’t need to know a lot about construction. If you’re willing to learn new things, Method is really good at providing you with the tools needed to succeed in the role!