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Tom Lowther

Why did working at Method appeal to you?

I came across Method Consulting while searching for a new role/ career path. I was immediately drawn by their website that was clear, professional and easy to navigate which highlighted the broad variety of projects they have delivered along with their mission statement and ethos. Method Consulting presented itself as a friendly, professional environment with many opportunity’s to get to know the team outside of the work environment through the socials they organise.

What happened at your interview?

I was interviewed via teams by two senior Engineers within the company. I was asked about myself and why I was applying for the role, followed by some technical questions on sustainability and thermodynamics. To conclude my meeting I had a 10 minute presentation on a topic of my choosing which I decided to do on my university dissertation project.

Main responsibilities / Typical day

My current day to day involves task based work as I learn the industry and get to grips with the varying stage requirements of a project. In the last couple of months I have been given more responsibility and have had many opportunities to visit site and see our work in person. The type of work I am exposed to do is varied and can range from reaching out to manufacturers for advice/ product, to carrying out design calculations and engineering drawings.

Engineer, Building Services & Environmental Engineering

Nile Jenkins

What do you enjoy about my job?

I enjoy the variety and complexity each day brings and the ability to work and learn from a many different people both within and outside the company. I enjoy how the services we work with can be observed in everyday life which gives you the opportunity to try understand how the building you are in runs. I enjoy working alongside those in my office and enjoy the quantity of social events Method organises as it allows you to get to know everyone outside of work hours.

Challenging aspects

There is a lot of technical information to get your head around and even when you do, it is likely that legislation, best practise and new technology will change and adapt what you already know. As a result it can be overwhelming to find your feet at first, however everyone at Method understands this and is very supportive.

Skills/qualifications learnt at University that you use in your job?

A good understanding of Maths and Thermodynamics have been most helpful in my work at Method to date. Further to this, I have utilised my education in mechanical systems to help understand the various services within a building. Ultimately, throughout University you learn to absorb and apply new information which is an essential part of becoming a competent Building Service Engineer.  

Training you receive as part of your job

At the beginning, all work becomes training as you complete tasks and add new skills to your repertoire. Each week we are likely to have a career professional development (CPD) meeting where we learn about a new mechanical system or service by manufacturers. These help to keep up to date with market products and to learn how systems work with relation to your projects.

As requested, I have been able to take a secondment to the Sustainability department where I have had further training in what they do and how it relates to my role as a building service engineer.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I hope to see myself becoming a competent Building Service Engineer with a solid understanding so I can work on projects with more confidence. I would also like to see my competence with CAD increase so I can provide engineering drawings to a high standard.

Your piece of advice to anyone thinking of going into building services

You will be learning most while on the job so if you don’t feel confident in the sector then it should not be something holding you back from applying. If you think the job role sounds interesting and you are willing to learn and get involved then take the chance and apply. It may end up being your new career.