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Tom Lowther

Why did working at Method appeal to you?

Method was brought to my attention and I immediately knew the ethos and culture aligned with my personal values. The promotion of equality, sustainability and the opportunity for personal and professional development through training opportunities and social involvement is something Method pride themselves with and being a part of a wider team is very important to me.

What happened at your interview?

My interview was over teams and lasted around 75 minutes, although this absolutely flew by. I felt like I already knew Natasha and Charlotte as they made me feel so at ease and comfortable. We began with an informal chat about my previous education and experience before moving into a 5-10 minute presentation I had prepared on a relevant specialist subject (this could be you dissertation topic or favourite university module). The interview then progressed to become more in depth to understand my technical knowledge. I was given a scenario along the lines of “If you had an unlimited budget, what would you consider in order to make X building more sustainable?”. The interview then finished off with an overview of what I was looking for in an employer and what Method were looking for in an employee.

Main responsibilities / Typical day

Day to day I am involved with liaising with Design Team members to collate information/evidence for BREEAM/Sustainability assessment via email or phone, reviewing evidence, writing sustainability reports, becoming more involved in client meetings and running BREEAM workshops. Following up from meetings and updating our in-house sustainability trackers to issue to teams, organising projects and beginning to become more involved in fee proposals and project offers. Perhaps my main responsibility, I suppose, is managing all the incoming projects from a large Client of Method’s and organising/managing their BREEAM Assessments.

Consultant, Energy & Sustainability

Chloe Berry

What do you enjoy about your job?

I think the trust that is given to you when you start is admirable. There is a lot of responsibility and to hold that, you really feel included and part of a team. I am now at a point where I am managing a number of projects with support from managers if and when required. I love the diversity, each project is never the same and there are always different challenges that arise and finding solutions to these is uplifting. Day to day, nothing is ever the same. Being totally honest, there isn’t anything that I don’t enjoy!!

Challenging aspects

This is a fast-paced industry and can be demanding at points. Working on up to 20+ projects at the same time, with each one at different stages, can be testing. Time management is essential and being able to manage yourself and prioritising is key. Personally, I love coming across challenging times and working through solutions to some form of alignment, although, it is not often this happens.    

Skills/qualifications learnt at University that you use in your job?

My University degree could be described as alternative to others who work in the Sustainability team. I studied BSc Architecture and then MSc Sustainable Architecture, so I felt I had a good understanding of the construction industry prior to starting at Method. Reading architectural drawings is something we are required to do often so this was certainly a big advantage, as well as sometimes understanding technical detail drawings too. I felt I also had a good level of knowledge around different sustainability principles and their implementation into the built environment.

Training you receive as part of your job

There are continuous opportunities to attend training at Method, some of these are put on company wide for all to attend and some are individual. Within in my first week I completed software external online training with other team members and passed the final exam. Method are always open to training suggestions too, each employee is allocated an annual training fund if you wish to attend funded training. There are always opportunities for company wide training with external guest speakers invited, sometimes these are mandatory, sometimes optional.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

In all honestly, I would love to work my way up through the team with the ultimate dream of one day becoming a Partner. Ambitious, I know, however if we don’t set ourselves a goal, then what are we working towards?

Your piece of advice to anyone thinking of going into sustainability.

Keep up to date with the latest sustainability policies, government targets etc. You can never read enough technical literature, and yes it can sometimes be overwhelming, however, if reading isn’t your thing, watch videos of sustainability approaches and targets, these are sometimes only a few minutes long which summaries policies, attend webinars, not all may be relevant but you will certainly learn something to use in your career!